Golchha Groups Financial Support to the EV made by the Students of Thapathali Campus

Mar 13, 2022

Golchha group has provided financial support for building an electric vehicle to Team Sireto, the students of Thapathali Campus. The vehicle had participated in the International Competition Shell-Eco Marathon, in October 2020. The team started with preliminary activities like building a team according to required skills, finding sponsors, finalizing the workspace, etc., and by February 2022 the team has successfully completed the vehicle design and development. Following the multiple test rides of the vehicle ‘Maicha’, is now fully functional and ready to ace the competition. The vehicle was made following all the rules and designed according to the directions and specifications in the rulebook provided by the competition.


Maicha is capable of achieving a 150+km range from 1 KWh charge of the battery. Team Sireto aims to contribute to a sustainable future by conducting various research and tasks on EV in Nepal. Their major motive lies in promoting the sustainable mobility sector of Nepal. Also, they are the first EV (Electric Vehicle) Team from Nepal to compete in Shell Eco-Marathon.