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1932 A.D.


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About Golchha

The Golchha Group, a pioneering industrial group in Nepal, carries a legacy of 100 years. Late Shree Ramlal Golchha, a great philanthropist & founder of Golchha Group, established Biratnagar Jute Mill in 1937, the first Industry of Nepal. Since then, the Golchha family has been venturing into forming the largest company in Nepal that contributes to a significant part of the economy.

Anchored by a strong workforce of over 1700 employees and years of trust from millions of loyal customers today, Golchha Group operates over 100 companies within Nepal. It has established a formidable reputation for itself. With over ten decades of entrepreneurial legacy and unceasing acts of altruism, Golchha Group has been transforming the lives of millions of Nepalese and giving wings to their dreams.

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To be the most trusted forward-thinking organization in Nepal, defined by honesty, transparency, and high moral standards.


We value young people because we believe youth are inherently valuable and powerful. We inspire changes and new ideas to empower youth in becoming innovative and integrative future leaders. Central to that core value is our customers; they come first in everything we do

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Message from Chairman

A century in business is a milestone, but even more so when after 100 years, it still manages to stay young, vibrant, and progressive. That's the case with Golchha Group; although we are 100 years old as a business, we are constantly evolving by supporting and empowering Nepal's youth, thus harnessing their creativity, leadership, and energy for a prosperous tomorrow.

We are an organization with a deep-rooted pioneering legacy and trust. We aim to remain at the industry's cutting edge to continue to create value for our stakeholders and Nepal's entire economy. We will continue to live by our values and ethics to ensure that our story does not remain confined within our existing stakeholders but continues to grow, touch, and inspire lives of people throughout the country. Mr. Shekhar Golchha Chairman
Company journey

“If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.”

Ram Lal Golchha
Hulas Autocraft
Hulas Fin Serve
Hulas Auto Craft
Saurya Bidhut Power Pvt. Ltd
Golchha Bajaj Plant












The beginning

In the winter of the early '30s, a young man of age 31 took a walk from Biratnagar to Kathmandu to register the first-ever industry in Nepal. It was a road with a lot of tough days. Still, he was determined to convince the government to consolidate the law relating to companies' dynamism in the country's economic development by promoting investment in the industry, trade, and business sectors.

Into the world of business

The entrepreneurial legacy of our late Founder Shree Ramlal Golchha laid its foundation in 1936. After the Nepal Companies Act's formulation in 1936, he established the first industry of Nepal Biratnagar Jute Mills and set the course for the nation's economic growth.

Joint Ventures

Golchha Family and Comcraft of Switzerland jointly established Hulas Steel Industries in 1981 as a Greenfield venture.

Electronics and Beyond

Established in 1988, Him electronics is one of the leading importers and traders of consumer electronics and home appliances in Nepal.

Transforming manufacturing industry

Under the Golchha Family flagship, Hulas Motors became the first and, to date, the only company to manufacture motors vehicles in Nepal in 1996.

A new wave for transportation

HH (Bajaj) started its operation in 1998, under the flagship of the Golchha Family. Hansraj Hulaschand and Company (HH Bajaj), the sole distributor of Bajaj motorcycles in the country, started a wave of two-wheeler enthusiasm in the Nepali market.

Financing dreams

Hulas Fin Serve Ltd. (previously also known as Hulas Investment Pvt. Ltd.), a Golchha Group member, has facilitated accessible spot financing facilities to our customers to let their dream soar higher.

A prospective venture

Established in 2013, Hulas Auto Craft Private Limited (HAC) is the authorized assembling unit of Bajaj brand two-wheelers and three-wheelers in Nepal.

Science for animal welfare

Hester Biosciences Nepal Private Limited, a joint venture company between Hester Biosciences Limited India and HIM Electronics Private Limited, is one of Nepal’s first animal vaccines manufacturing units in the private sector.

Committed to Individuals and Environment

In 2017, Golchha Group established a leading company in Nepal working on the Alternative Energy Sector, “Saurya Bidhut Power Pvt.” In the same year, the Golchha group became one of the biggest promoters of Union life insurance.

Beginning of new age of automobile industrialization

Golchha group has opened a state-of-the-art CKD assembly plant for its HH Bajaj Unit in Ramgram, Nawalparasi, Nepal, with a capacity of 300 bikes per shift.

Ram Lal Golchha
Hulas Autocraft
Hulas Fin Serve
Hulas Auto Craft
Saurya Bidhut Power Pvt. Ltd
Golchha Bajaj Plant