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The automobile industry is a capital-intensive and knowledge-intensive industry that plays an essential role in socio-economic development. Since 1998, Golchha Family has been leading the path of automobile industrialization in Nepal through its largest 2/3-wheeler company "Hulas Auto Craft," the first motorcycle assembly plant of Nepal. Golchha group is committed...

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The electronics division within Golchha Group operates under the banner of Him Electronics, encompassing a wide range of products including major household appliances, small kitchen appliances, smartphones, lighting solutions, electrical protection and distribution systems, renewable energy supplies, public addressing systems, and additional offerings. Golchha Group stands as a pioneer in...

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Hulas Fin Serve Pvt. Ltd.


Since 2012, Hulas Fin Serve Ltd. (previously also known as Hulas Investment Pvt. Ltd.), a Golchha Group member, has facilitated accessible spot financing facilities to our customers to let their dream soar higher. We provide understandable, affordable, and fully transparent financing that empowers our customers to access the things...

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Union Life Insurance


Golchha group is leading the 3rd largest insurance company in Nepal, Union Life Insurance, to offer various individual insurance solutions that meet our customers' diverse life stage needs. We help our customers find financial confidence and aim to become the first choice by delivering relevant and accessible insurance solutions as...

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Golchha Group, in collaboration with Hester Bioscience Limited India, has set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for products ranging from Poultry vaccines to large animal vaccines at Nala Ugrachandi in Kavrepalanchowk District. The facility has an annual capacity to manufacture 1.24 billion doses of live and inactivated vaccines and...

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Saurya Bidhut Power Pvt. Ltd

Alternative Energy

Saurya Bidhut Power Pvt. Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Golchha Group, is dedicated to developing renewable energy sources in Nepal. It aspires to develop and support the development of 30MW Solar PV generating systems within 2024 It is currently involved in developing 5MV solar PV systems across the country,...

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